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"Outside Living" SeraMonte Model Home Auburn,WA.
The builder of this project is the first builder Steve landed in 2001.

"Kensington Manor" Seattle Street of Dreams 2006

One of the more extravagant and high profile homes we have done.

Custom center of attention "Rox Pro Craftsman Panel" a natural stone 2 story fireplace

"River Rock" Cultured Stone Entryway, This is a Custom Design with a scattered pattern.

"The Marsh Commons Project"

A very intense large project paying great attention to detail, because of its integrity it is featured in the 2009 Mutual Materials Catalog


"Suncadia Showcase Home" Cle Elum

This very custom home is located on the golf course and done in natural stone

it was the Honor Award winner in the 2009 RMCA Design Award Ceremony.

Here is a see through outside fireplace with wood mantle,

inside it is open ceiling stone all the way to and through the roof, great design, great concept.

"Outside Living" McGregor Lake Natural Stone gas firepit

backyard parties on the green.

"Suncadia Custom Built Home" Cle Elum, Wa.
This is also located on the golf course, a little different design in mind than the showcase home,

ceiling high fireplace with wood mantle for cozy nights by the fire.

Mutual Materials "Rox Pro" Craftsman Series "Placer Gold"

Tower Farm Custom Remodel Project, Sammamish

Replaced both Chimney Stacks

Custom made wall to cover existing brick seperate the kitchen from the game room and inset the flat screen on the left side,

a fireplace insert was placed on the right and two outside entry posts to upgrade and modernize. A new home to come home to without the new home payment.

"Sunriver Shadow Rock" Eldorado Stone Fireplace

One of our first ceiling high inside fireplaces (2002),

"Burger King" Brick (Renton, WA.)

We were called in on an immediate emergency brick repair a car had barreled through the intersection,

over a sidewalk and bushes, across the parking lot and right into the side of this Burger King, they made there own drive-thru I suppose.

The news crews were there as we bid and started the job. Nobody was seriously hurt.

"River Rock" Cultured Stone Veneer

A very simple cost friendly way to update your home from blah siding to powerful stone.

Custom Outside Fireplace "Thin Brick" Mercer Island, Wa.

Located on beautiful Lake Washington, the back side of this fireplace is three stories high,

they also had Blue stone in-layed at their front porch (not shown)

Brick Stair with Herring Bone Inlay "Stair Replacement"


Applebees remodel 2012

Covington, WA we also did Tukwila Applebees and Lakewood too.

"Custom Interior Design" the entry and sitting room has style and plenty of room to sit around the fire.

"English Tudor House" Issaquah Highlands

Herringbone Driveway and Stairs

A very intricate design that definately wasn't done in a day, alot of work and thought went into this home,

we enjoyed every minute and are pleased as well as the builder and Homeowner with the outcome.

"Natural Tumbled Granite" HomeOwner Entryway, Issaquah

Besides the light bulb being out this was exactly what this homeowner wanted privacy and security

he was tickled with his results. We still hear from him from time to time.

"Hop Scotch" Located at Issaquah Highlands

This is a great way to keep the kids hoppin,

it has been used very often at this playground.

Issaquah Highlands "Brick Arched Entry and Veneer"

A very standard entry with a keystone that pops at the arch, very low maintenance needed.

Issaquah Highlands "Columns"

Inexpensive, quick, and updated way to change an otherwise basic entry.

"Sheffield Brick" Mutual Materials

Again, done in a day within budget and the results are a completely different look.

Bucks County Dressed Fieldstone Provided by Mutual Materials

Custom Remodel I liked this stone so much it is what I have at my home. Random colors shapes and sizes.

"Rox Pro" Craftsman Series Panel Autumn Horizon Mutual Materials

Custom Remodel completely replaced existing 1950's chimney with a great inexpensive Natural Stone that is becoming the new trend in Masonry.

"A Bit of Hawaii" Westfield Shopping Mall

This was done when it was the Southcenter Mall, alot of onlookers were present.

I am not sure if they kept this store or remodeled it when they changed to Westfield Shopping Center.

Natural River Rock Dosewallips State Park "Welcome Center"

Located on Hood Canal, this three day job was exciting for the crew, due to the remote location they stayed in tents while working on it.

"Eldorado Cliff Stone" Maple Valley

Our neighbors did a complete makeover remodel and included our skilled Masons for their Stone Work,

needless to say we still remain great neighbors and friends.

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